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The Product

B.Y.M.® Technologies is the biotech company behind the brand P.Happi®. It is responsible for the science, R&D efforts, and manufacturing of the products – all relating to the company’s unique bacterial strain B.Y.M.® 1405. B.Y.M.® develops microbiome-based, natural products to counteract the overuse of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistance. Our first product range is called P.Happi® and covers non-antibiotic, intimate OTC products for women prone to suffering from urinary tract and intimate infections. More brands containing B.Y.M.® 1405 for other applications will be coming in the future. Stay tuned!

We hope to launch P.Happi® on next year. It will then be available to purchase on a subscription basis so that you never run out of product. If you don’t want to miss out, there is an option to pre-order the product. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and follow P.Happi® on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news.

P.Happi® is for anybody who wants to take an active role in their intimate health and skincare. P.Happi® has been specifically formulated to protect and sooth the vulva. It is suitable for dry intimate skin e.g. during menopause. We have not tested this product on pregnant women, postnatal women, breastfeeding women or on children. We recommend to keep it out of reach for children and not use it during pregnancy, breastfeeding and/or immediately after birth. We hope to launch a follow-up product specifically formulated for children and pregnant women in the future. The product should be not applied to open skin?

P.Happi® is a soothing serum that contains billions of live active bacteria. You should apply a single pump ideally morning and evening to your external genitalia (vulva and perineum), where the active bacteria can ward off harmful pathogens that may try to invade your urogenital system.

This will depend on your individual use and need of the product, but if you apply 1 pump of the serum twice a day, the bottle should last 1 month. If you order the product via subscription, a new bottle will automatically ship to you every month, so you never have to worry about running out.

P.Happi® is very safe. It has been dermatologically tested and deemed safe for even sensitive skin. The active bacterium is not a pathogen (can’t cause infections or make you sick). The serum formula is also very safe, with each ingredient having years of clinical research behind it. It should not react with your skin or cause any irritation.

P.Happi® has never been tested on animals. It has been rigorously tested on humans and on human cells in the lab.

The Challenge

No, P.Happi® is not a medicine or therapeutic treatment. If you have an active infection you should contact your doctor or pharmacist who may want to prescribe antibiotics. If you have had a course of antibiotics, you may find it beneficial to apply P.Happi® to help protect your natural flora and give your good microbes a boost.

No, P.Happi® is not a medicine or therapeutic treatment. If you have an active infection you should contact your doctor or pharmacist who may want to prescribe antibiotics.

No, P.Happi® is not an antibiotic. It is most similar to a probiotic in that it boosts the protective bacteria that you already have. It is extra helpful because it forms an active barrier to protect you from harmful invaders, so that only your good microbes can thrive.

While it is safe to use P.Happi® alongside antibiotics, some antibiotics may kill the live bacteria (B.Y.M®1405) inside the product reducing the effect observed.* For this reason, you may benefit from increasing the number of times you apply P.Happi® while you are taking antibiotics and shortly thereafter. This will help your good protective microbes (Lactobacillus) to re-grow, while reducing the risk of pathogens invading and causing new infections.

*if you suffer from embedded infections and take prophylactic antibiotics, the effect of P.Happi® can be reduced depending on the kind and amount of antibiotics taken. As this can differ on a case-by-case basis, we cannot give personal recommendations here, but are excited for you to share your experience with us!

The microbiome is all of the genetic material (like DNA) from the microbes that live in a specific area. The microbiota is the collective term for all of the microbes (bacteria, yeast, fungi) in a specific area. You may have heard of the gut microbiome, which is how scientists figure out what microbes are in your gut. You may even drink probiotic yogurt drinks to boost your gut microbes. We are mostly focused on the urogenital (vagina, vulva, urethra, bladder) microbiota because those are the good bugs that P.Happi® will protect.

We are usually blissfully unaware of our microbes. When it is balanced and happy, your intimate microbiota is mostly Lactobacillus. When it gets a little out of balance (from taking antibiotics, stress, hormones, etc.), the amount of Lactobacillus can reduce. This can have a few knock-on effects such as increased pH (your vagina should be acidic, around pH 4) and more space for other microbes to live and multiply. These invading microbes can be yeast (thrush) and bacteria (UTI, BV/AV etc.) that cause infections. You can see some examples of how an unbalanced microbiota can affect you here.

P.Happi® is for anybody who wants to take an active role in their intimate health, microbiome and skincare. It might be especially helpful if you have previously suffered from symptoms relating to an unbalanced intimate microbiota due to common conditions, such as thrush, UTIs etc.

The Science

P.Happi® contains a live bacterium (B.Y.M.® 1405) that actively fights invaders that could cause infections. It has been studied in academic labs for decades and can be found all over the natural environment, including in the guts of some people. B.Y.M.TM 1405 is only commercially available in P.Happi® products.

Yes, the bacteria in P.Happi® are alive and active, allowing them to form the best barrier against harmful pathogens. Every batch is checked before it is sent out to ensure that there are always billions of happy bugs ready to protect you.

No, P.Happi® can be stored at room temperature. The live bacteria in the bottle are in a sleeping state and will only become active once they are in contact with your skin. If you would like an extra soothing sensation when you apply it, storing it in the fridge will not have any negative effect on the live bacteria.

Yes, P.Happi® has been dermatologically tested and is safe for all skin, including sensitive. It is for external application only, so be sure to apply it only to your external genitalia (vulva and perineum).

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